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We do have fun from time to time with all this radio stuff.

The LF network analyzer was an outcome of  a nagging problem we had in 
finding a good analysis of how a current transformer really works.  That 
led to a theoretical analysis that after a bunch of head scratching, let 
us predict how a current transformer works at RF frequencies when it is 
not terminated into a short circuit.  The only in-depth work we could 
find was in a 1932 engineering handbook by Pender.  Alas that work was 
not directly applicable. 

We are somewhat amazed that over all these years nothing has been 
published, at least where we looked, that explained these simple devices 
and that we were plowing over undisterbed ground on this.  My EE 
professor at K-State would have been proud that one of his students got 
so much out of his course 40 years ago.

It is nice to see someone understands and cares about such an obscure 
subject.  Have you  built any of this up and tried it out?


Frank K0BRA (Kansas/Missouri transplant)

T Coll wrote:

>Although I doubt I could be of any particular assistance in such fine company, I just wanted to let you know I the intent, even the very existence of your organization pleases me greatly.
>        Back in the early sixties, and in my early teens, reading and rereading the ARRL handbook -- I had pictured
>the greatest part of amateur radio to be much like your organization, and alas --- some 30 years later (but still the idealist :) I was to find out that although fun -- It was not.
>             The news was not all bad though, as I found out with some effort --- For example SM5BSZ -- I'm sure I need say no more and am excited to follow his efforts.
>I suppose I do have a question -- which concerns your work on the LF network analyzer. The only information I've seen on that --though it was very intriqeing to me -- was here on the AMRAD site ---
>        Is it possible that you have some more links in that
>area ?
>Regardless --- Hats off to all of you and please keep up the good work.   
>Sincere and warm Regards;
>Thomas (Tom) C Collins
>Greeley CO
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