Chernobyl a tourist spot???

Bob Bruhns bbruhns at
Sat Apr 10 02:43:20 CDT 2004

People tell me it is plausible that a Gen-X Russian girl would speak that
kind of Americanized English.. But the 300,000 casualties are not 300,000
dead.  It was really bad... thyroid cancer is up 10:1 around those parts.
But not 300,000 dead.  Hundreds of thousands seriously affected, yes.
Thousands dead before their time, I believe.  More suffering, and many more
premature deaths expected... but not 300,000.

There is so much disinformation...  people use it to discredit facts, and
some try to say that TMI was nothing.  BS!  Respect is what was missing at
TMI, and at Chernobyl.  Without respect, nothing is safe.  This is a hot
subject with me, I guess it shows.

  Bob, WA3WDR

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> This is an interesting, and may be just a little frightening tour through
the depopulated area around the reactor.
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