Secret Wireless War

Lawrence Stoskopf stoskopf at
Thu Apr 15 19:16:03 CDT 2004

Too lazy to look it up, but has books listed that are not on the 
US site and surprise "They do have your credit card number!" 

Also, I think RSGB has it listed. 


> From: Andre Kesteloot <andre.kesteloot at>
> Subject: "The Secret Wireless War"
> Hello Steve,
> There is a book that I would like for the ARRL to consider adding to the 
> list of books it sells.
> It is: 
> by Geoffrey Pidgeon. 
> See 
> The book  describes all these wonderful (vacuum tube) radios used by 
> MI.6 during WW II. 
> The book is no lightweight. It has 416 pages, 194 illustrations, 185,000
> words, uses 2.6 gigabytes and weighs in at 1.8 kilos. 
> It retails at £29.99 in the UK, but is  _not_   available on Amazon. I would think that it should be of obvious interest to many "old-timers" .

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