"The Secret Wireless War"

Ford, Steve, WB8IMY sford at arrl.org
Thu Apr 15 10:32:23 CDT 2004

Thanks, Andre. I vaguely recall hearing something about this book.
I'll forward your email to our marketing folks. They decide which books we order for resale.
73 . . . Steve, WB8IMY

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Hello Steve,

There is a book that I would like for the ARRL to consider adding to the list of books it sells.
It is:


by Geoffrey Pidgeon.



The book  describes all these wonderful (vacuum tube) radios used by MI.6 during WW II.

The book is no lightweight. It has 416 pages, 194 illustrations, 185,000

words, uses 2.6 gigabytes and weighs in at 1.8 kilos.

It retails at £29.99 in the UK, but is  _not_   available on Amazon. I would think that it should be of obvious interest to many "old-timers" .


André N4ICK

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