Embedded DSP Job Opportunity...

Craig Brown craigb.email at verizon.net
Mon Apr 26 15:42:16 CDT 2004


I am not sure we have ever met, but I am also a long time ham in N. VA.   I
have been aware of AMRAD from the 1980 time-frame, and also built and run
the 145.310 repeater near Dulles Airport.

I am looking for a TI (C54x / C55x) embedded DSP programmer for a
professional Project-25 / AM / FM / CTCSS / DCS / EDACS etc.  radio project
that I estimate will be about 1 man year of work spread over about 1.5
years.  This is a follow on to a previously successful project.

Unfortunately my time frame is very short (days) to have an introduction.  I
have found some people for this job, but the six figure number we are
offering is not enough for the average govt contractor beltway-bandit
programmer.  So one of my associates suggested contacting AMRAD to see if
maybe there is someone within AMRAD that has this type of experience and
would like to use this as a jumping off point to self-employment.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Thanks and 73, Craig

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