Free WiFi Planned for National Mall

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Mon May 3 08:10:38 CDT 2004

Paul Rinaldo <prinaldo at> writes:

>  Frisbee-throwers and lawmakers alike could soon be able to
>  access free wireless Internet on Washington's National Mall
>  under a plan announced by a nonprofit group on Wednesday.
> ...
>  The group said it planned to install up to six more access
>  points, or "hot spots," at an initial cost of $250,000.

Holy you-know-what...  $41666 apiece?  Does that involve a six digit
salary for the two guys who throw darts at a map to figure out where
they're gonna put 'em?

I figure $10k apiece would be generous, and that a lean-and-mean
organization that was used to cutting costs aggressively could do it
for $4k each or less.


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