Free WiFi Planned for National Mall

Alex Fraser beatnic at
Mon May 3 15:14:42 CDT 2004

One of many ideas.  If you can write the software to do this and use it 
and everyone can receive it then go for it. Even if the other person 
don't use your method but ID's in content then that would be OK.  It is 
something that won't get decided by an imposed standard, but rather by 
common practice. 
    Perhaps the English could join the rest of the worlds drivers by 
simply only using reverse,  it's kinda like that, every solution must 
have a problem ;-)

Robert E. Seastrom wrote:

>Alex Fraser <beatnic at> writes:
>Did the IDing part involve the idea I floated a while back about a
>packed ASCII format for putting one's callsign in the right hand side
>of a reserved OUI for the ethernet?
>                                        ---Rob

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