FEMA Federal Homeland Cyber-Security Conference Tech Expo 5/19

Larry Rinaldo lrinaldo at nativetech.net
Thu May 6 12:41:08 CDT 2004

Hi Maitland,

Can you post this on AMRAD website?
And e-mail to AMRAD members?
FREE attendance for AMRAD and ARRL members!



Featuring: American Radio Relay Leagues, Oracle, Veritas, Mitsubishi, 
Panasonic, iGov, Network Appliance, HP, Adobe, Thales, Tandberg, 
General Dynamics, Dell, Softchoice, etc.!

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Federal Homeland Cyber-Security Conference and Expo at FEMA:

      You are cordially invited to participate as a sponsor in a ONE 
DAY HOMELAND SECURITY CONFERENCE. This event is open to all Government: 
FEMA, Dept of Homeland Security, Federal, State and Local Government 
personnel and First Responders (EMT, Fire, Police), as well as Military 
Personnel. Complimentary Refreshments will be served throughout the day!


      MAY 19th, 2004 (8AM until 2 PM)
      Holiday Inn, 550 C St. SW, Washington, DC


       To Explore and Discuss New Trends and Technology Solutions for 
Homeland Security. 
       This event is designed to maximize market research for the 
federal government and explore new technology solutions for Homeland 
Security. This conference brings together key technology manufacturers, 
developers, systems integrators and Federal decision-makers who are 
responsible for designing, evaluating, preserving and protecting 
critical organizational information.   It is our goal to expose  
participating organizations, government agencies, and corporations to 
new -and leading-edge technology solutions that focus on implementing 
safe methods to prevent the unauthorized access to privileged 
organizational data due to unforeseen disasters, intrusion and 


       8:00 AM    

      8:30 AM

      8:50 AM

     COOP Consulting:  "Automating the Continuity of Operations 
Planning (COOP) Process"
      9:10 AM

     Compumart/NetBotz: "NetBotz IP based Physical Security Solutions & 
Chem/Bio sensors"
      9:30 AM

     Adobe: "Automated Document Sharing and Management"
      9:50 AM

      Pointsec:  How Secure is Your Network?
      10:10 AM

     Hewlett Packard: "Secure Scalable Streaming"
      10:30 AM

     Intelligent Decisions: "Physical Security" 
      10:50 AM

     Thales e-Security: "Business Continuity Planning and Disaster 
Recovery for Homeland Defense"
      11:10 AM

     Artel:  "Today's Challenges in Cyber Space"
      11:30 AM

     Panasonic:  "New Network Technologies for Physical Security"
      11:50 AM

     Distributed Solutions:  Lessons Learned:  Moving from a client 
server environment to a web-based application environment.
      12:10 PM

      12:30 PM

      12:50 PM

     Native Technologies: "Secure Wireless Voice & Data Communications"
      1:10 PM

     Tandberg:  TANDBERG's Technology Solutions for Homeland Security--
what is TANDBERG doing to address this market?
      1:30 PM

     Mitsubishi: "Powerful Presentations"
      1:50 PM

     StoneFly Networks:  "IP Based SANs .....SANs for the Masses"
      2:10 PM

  Other Vendors Include:

     AV Technologies, Carroll Publishing, DELL, GCS,  IBN, ITG, Norfolk 
Wire and Electronics, Softchoice, Worldcell, and more!


Federal Homeland Cyber-Security Conference and Expo at FEMA on May 

IT and Physical Security, AV, SANs, etc. In addition to Physical 
Security of all kinds, Technologies Requested: AV, Antivirus, System 
Utilities, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Network Security, Homeland 
Security, Fiber Optics, Project Management, Critical Infrastructure 
Protection, Secure Telecommunications,  Information Assurance, 
Authentication, PKI, Smart Cards, Biometrics, Disaster Recovery, LAN, 
WAN, SAN, Fault Tolerant  Servers, Video Conferencing, CCTV, 
Vulnerability Assesment Tools/Services, Training, Books, Magazines, 
Ruggedized Notebooks, Wireless Security, Unix, Linux, and MORE! 

Who will attend: 

Security IRMs; AV Specialists; Purchasing Agents; Chief Information 
Officers; IRM Officials;  Telecommunications Specialists, Data 
Processing Managers; OSDBU's; Net Managers; Web Masters; Systems 
Administers, Hardware and Software Developers; ...anyone who has 
anything to do with the purchase of the goods and services that we are 

Who Should Exhibit:
Large and Small businesses, 8(a)'s, Small and Disadvantaged Businesses, 
Small and Woman Owned Businesses, Veteran Owned, HUBZones.... 
Anyone who wants to do business with the Government, or increase the 
business that they are already doing

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