chernobyl biker chick story fabricated?

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Fri May 28 10:01:09 CDT 2004

Really... who knows.  The girl might be trying to make herself famous, or
she might be reporting facts.  My impression is, a little of both, with a
little dramatization thrown in.

Pictures of the girl holding the radiation meter do suggest a photographer
companion.  The bike story can not really be confirmed, but the radiation
levels can be measured.  The story was, that the rain washed the fallout off
of the roads, but it absorbed into the surrounding ground, and nobody could
go there.  At the same time, the story had it that people were moving back.
If so, the radiation levels are too high for permanent residence, but not
too high for a short visit - so a picture of somebody in a field means

It may be that the girl has produced a dramatized documentary of the
Chernobyl area to promote herself.  But the Chernobyl event was not
fabricated by environmental wackos.  The pictures did show an abandoned
wasteland of significant size, and containing valuable but unused buildings,
equipment and resources, and the existence of that wasteland was confirmed
by the critics.  I guess a detailed map of radiation levels and types of
radiation would be the key data.

  Bob, WA3WDR

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> You always wonder when you read fantastic stuff like this whether it's
> real or not, and in the case of Elena, it appears maybe it wasn't.
> Then again, anyone can write a letter and put stuff on a web site,
> right?  Why give the repudiation any more credit than the (outlandish
> sounding) original?
>                                         ---Rob
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