AMRAD Active Antenna

David Atkins david.atkins50 at
Sun Jul 4 09:13:11 CDT 2004

Greetings from England;

I decided to build an active LF antenna to your design after I found the QST
reprint during a web-search. The guys at Crystalonics have been really
helpful, and are sending me two JFETs (I am allowing for errors!), which I
hope will come through our Customs without causing any problems in these
difficult times.
Do you publish the PCB designs? I see FAR Circuits listed as producing them,
but this project didn't appear on their web-site. Shipping would also form a
very high proportion of the costs, too. I can't make a JFET, but a single
PCB wouldn't be a problem to make. I can design one from scratch, but would
appreciate guidance on dimensions to fit in the novel heatsink and PVC
pipework. On top of that, I only ordered two JFETs, so I'd like to minimise
the opportunities for ruining them.

Can you help? I found the web-site to be very interesting. Although I am
licensed, my LF interests stem mainly from chasing NDB's. However, with our
European LF allocation, I feel I ought to be taking it further and your
articles have been very helpful.

Best Wishes,

David Atkins  G8XBZ
david.atkins50 at

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