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Gang, FYI. Paul

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If you have an interest in radio direction finding, also known as fox
hunting, bunny hunting, radio orienteering, and probably a few other names,
and you're not already on the VWS RDF mailing list, here's what you do to

Send an email message to: "imailsrv at viennawireless.org"

in the BODY of the message, enter the following:

   subscribe rdf FirstName LastName CallSign

You'll then receive any messages regarding our fox hunting operations.  Some
discussion of our event this coming Saturday will be taking place on that
mailing list.

If you'd like to learn more about the subject on your own, there's a good
book called "Transmitter Hunting" published by the ARRL.  Also see
http://www.homingin.com, a web site maintained by Joe Moell, K0OV, the
author of the book mentioned above and also the author of the Homing In
articles in CQ VHF Magazine.

Pete Norloff, KG4OJT

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