AMRAD Van work day

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Wed Aug 25 21:48:55 CDT 2004

We have a bunch of things that still need attention and any and all 
comers can help.  We are having a work day on Sunday, August 29th.   We 
will be having a cook out later in the day around 5-6 PM.  I'll bring 
some hamburgers and buns to start it off.

Iain McFadyen (W4/G4JMM) and Patrick Gray (I forgot his call) came out 
for last Saturday's work day and we accomplished a lot.  We got the 
paint cleaned and waxed and we started to understand most of the 
wiring.  We also cleaned and inspected the 7 kW generator set.

I took the van over for a Virginia safety inspection and the inspector 
said the exhaust system would not pass as he could hear the leak.  I was 
thinking it was an exhaust manifold gasket or something minor.  We need 
to take a more serious look and decide just what we can do or if we need 
to get a commercial company to fix it.

More needs to be done-------

Mount the repaired ladder back onto the van

Document the van layout into a scale drawing.

Get the 110 volt air conditioner powered up to see if it works

Find out if the car radio works

Check out the 4 wheel drive front hub that does not lock

Polish and wax the vehicle  turtle top

Refurbish and check out the Kohler 7 KW generator set.

Refurbish the drivers seat armrest.  Seamstress or seamster anyone?

We will be starting about 11 AM at the lab.  The lab is located at

45915 Maries Road
Suite 140
Dulles VA  20166

Go out Rt 7 just past the Northern Virginia Community Collage and go up 
Cascades Parkway towards Sterling.  Continue past Nokes Road and turn 
right on Maries Road.  Turn left at the complex of buildings.  The lab 
is at the far end of the very long suite 140.

We will monitor 147.21 and you may phone at 703 four four four-0511 or 
my cell at 703 nine seven three 7074.

Frank K0BRA

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