Ye good olde days

Alberto di Bene dibene at
Wed Sep 22 17:58:35 CDT 2004

I still have its variant, the "Bigboard", on my table... last time I 
powered it on
was almost five years ago, just to check if it still worked (it did).

I must confess that it was an "unauthorized copy"....
A friend of mine bought the original kit from the US, then before 
assembling it
the PCB was photographed (scanners in those years weren't so common) in high
resolution, masters prepared, and reproduced in a small number of copies 
for the friends.
I got one, found the components, assembled it, and... it worked !
I even rewrote the BIOS routines of CP/M for a block size of 1024, with
the result of an increased capacity of the disk (and guaranteed 
incompatibility with
the rest of the world....).   I was young then.....

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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