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Mon Sep 27 18:53:07 CDT 2004

"Richard Barth" <Richard.Barth at> writes:

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   Our premier issue will show you how to get involved in Kite Aerial
   Photography -- taking pictures with a camera suspended from a
   kite. We'll show you how to build an inexpensive rig to hold your

   We'll also show you how to make a video camera stabilizer, a
   do-it-yourself alternative to an expensive Steadicam. And we'll show
   you how to create a five-in-one cable adapter for connecting to
   networks. Some projects are strictly for fun, others are very
   practical, and still others are absolutely astounding.

I think they must be plagiarizing my friends' blogs.  No lie, I've
seen every single last one of these in my RSS aggregator in the past
four months.


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