UWB over powerline

Robert Stratton bob at stratton.NET
Fri Oct 1 17:39:54 CDT 2004

Richard Barth wrote:
> Yes, they were pushing this at the TG 1/8 meeting in Boston a couple of 
> months ago.  Idea they're promoting is that it's inconvenient to have 
> all those cables interconnecting all those boxes (radio receiver, VCR, 
> DVD player, TV, etc.) and you can eliminate the cables by having the 
> signals come into each box through the power cord.

When I was talking to a few of the UWB startups a year and a half ago, I 
  could see some short-range consumer electronics plays that weren't 
entirely crackpot ideas. (e.g. streaming video to the flat panel TV on 
the wall)

This long-range UWB for HDTV over cable thing is something else entirely.

What exactly does one use for a distribution amplifier in a system like 


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