UWB over powerline

David V Rogers dvrogers at cox.net
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Actually the article is the usual marketing statement/interview given by
start-ups to garner additional funding and sales to the unsuspecting.  The
sales are aimed at the appliance developer who wants a turn-key solution and
does not have sufficient technical understanding, or care, that the solution
may well not give them what they want, other than fast bucks.  The more
extensive the claims, the wider the potential sales net.  Much like many of
the solutions-based contractors selling to the government here in the
Washington area, especially to DOD -- grandiose claims for delivering the
best solution, just trust us.

Enough of my ranting, having feet in both camps -- large government
contracts and the entrepreneurial world.


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Richard Barth wrote:
> Yes, they were pushing this at the TG 1/8 meeting in Boston a couple of 
> months ago.  Idea they're promoting is that it's inconvenient to have 
> all those cables interconnecting all those boxes (radio receiver, VCR, 
> DVD player, TV, etc.) and you can eliminate the cables by having the 
> signals come into each box through the power cord.

When I was talking to a few of the UWB startups a year and a half ago, I 
  could see some short-range consumer electronics plays that weren't 
entirely crackpot ideas. (e.g. streaming video to the flat panel TV on 
the wall)

This long-range UWB for HDTV over cable thing is something else entirely.

What exactly does one use for a distribution amplifier in a system like 

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