Virus intercepted

Richard Barth Richard.Barth at
Thu Oct 7 08:46:24 CDT 2004

In the past week or so, I've gotten similar mail from Sandy, Maitland and 
several others.  I doubt it's Sandy; more likely something has harvested 
the address list from Tacos.


Robert E.Seastrom wrote:

> <esanders at> writes:
>>A message sent from <esanders at> to
>>	<tacos at>
>>contained Worm.Bagle.AP and has not been delivered.
> So, not being able to inspect the original message (and having no
> specific knowledge about Bagle's normal behavior) I have no idea
> whether this mail is actually from Sandy or not, but it probably bears
> some investigation and maybe cleanup of Sandy's machine if that's
> indicated...

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