how to drill pipe!

Hal Feinstein hfeinstein at
Thu Oct 28 21:33:24 CDT 2004

The problem:    I would like to construct a low cost VHF-UHF yagi handheld
antenna, similar to the popular arrow antennas used for LEO work.  For 
the "boom"
I want to use a short section of PVC pipe.  Antenna elements are made 
from heavy solid copper
wire that I hammered straight.  Problem: how to drill holes in the PVC 
that (1) are
straight and lined up and (2) that passes through the center line of the 
PVC.  The holes I drill are
about the same size as the copper wire rods.  I use the PVC pipe to 
snuggly fit the element in place, a kind of pressure fit.  If the hole 
on either side of the PVC are drilled
with any error then (1) the element will not pass throught the PVC 
center line and
(2) the element will be randomly off-angle, which looks really bad when 
all the elements are assembled. My first inclination is that this 
shouldn't be hard. But, it is!   Any ideas?

--hal. wb3kdu

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