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John Teller jsteller at
Thu Oct 28 22:11:08 CDT 2004

Here are some suggestions:

1. Build a jig out of wood that looks like this:


Where the --- and | are bits of 1x4 and are cut such that they fit snugly around the pipe O

2. Drill through the top piece --- all the way down through the pipe and into the bottom piece.

It should be reasonably straight...

--- JST

> From: Hal Feinstein <hfeinstein at>
> Date: 2004/10/28 Thu PM 10:33:24 EDT
> To: tacos <tacos at>
> Subject: how to drill pipe!
> The problem:    I would like to construct a low cost VHF-UHF yagi handheld
> antenna, similar to the popular arrow antennas used for LEO work.  For 
> the "boom"
> I want to use a short section of PVC pipe.  Antenna elements are made 
> from heavy solid copper
> wire that I hammered straight.  Problem: how to drill holes in the PVC 
> that (1) are
> straight and lined up and (2) that passes through the center line of the 
> PVC.  The holes I drill are
> about the same size as the copper wire rods.  I use the PVC pipe to 
> snuggly fit the element in place, a kind of pressure fit.  If the hole 
> on either side of the PVC are drilled
> with any error then (1) the element will not pass throught the PVC 
> center line and
> (2) the element will be randomly off-angle, which looks really bad when 
> all the elements are assembled. My first inclination is that this 
> shouldn't be hard. But, it is!   Any ideas?
> --hal. wb3kdu
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