For sale

Alex Fraser beatnic at
Wed Nov 3 16:42:13 CST 2004

I have for sale 5 Compaq Armada Laptops.
3 AC power supplies.  4 have the base unit and unique handle battery 
(batteries ???)
IIRC there are a couple of CD's and floppies in the base units.
These machines have on board sound. No USB. 2 PCMCIA and serial and 
parallel ports.
They are all Pentium I's  and I think are 120 Mhz though you might check 
the web site
- model 4110  no hard drive or caddy

- model 4120 keyboard problems, has hard drive and caddy

- model  4150 screen broke no base unit.

- model 4120T  caddy with no HD

- model 4120  no  HD caddy

$50 OBO for all 5 , you pick up in Woodbridge VA

........ Alex Fraser  N3DER .........
......... beatnic at .......

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