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Tacoistas -

Haven't had time to check this material out, but FWIW...


>Date:    Mon, 8 Nov 2004 16:58:07 -0000
>From:    Tim Makins <spindrift at OCEANFREE.NET>
>Subject: Weather Map - suggestions needed
>Hi - I have just completed a North American map suite for ham radio
>enthusiasts. It covers North America at approx 1:2m scale, has 49 full
>screen maps, each with 25 layers of information that can be turned on and
>off as required. You can see features and screen shots on my website:
>Click on 'Overlay Maps > NAOMI'.
>So why am I mentioning this to a Weather group ? Well, I had an idea to do a
>version of this for North American weather enthusiasts, so before starting,
>I thought I'd ask what layers and features you would like to see in a North
>American Weather map-suite ??
>I'd certainly use the borders and boundaries from NWS, such as County
>Warning Area Boundaries, Public Zone Boundaries, Coastal and Offshore Marine
>Zones, Transcribed Weather Broadcast Text Product Routes, Fire Weather Zone
>Boundaries, Coastal and Offshore Marine Zones.
>I already have States, Counties, Time Zones, UTM Zones, Satellite photos,
>Relief, Areacodes, Zipcodes, Water, Urban Areas, Cities, Road and Rail,
>Flags, Lat/Lon grids.
>Tim in Ireland.
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