Need help with Solaris & Blade

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Subject: Need help with Solaris & Blade

Well, I really did it this time.  I need somebody to give me an idea on 
how to fix a Sun Blade 1500 & Solaris at work.  I just got it a month 
ago, it runs some software that analyzes television interference between 
The problem is that I tried to copy the files from /etc to another 
folder to back them up in preparation for editing to get it on our LAN.  
Well, X-win didn't copy the files, it moved them.  All files from /etc 
to backup_etc....  I saw what it did, and tried to move the files back - 
the box crashed.
Now, it won't boot (no surprise).  But, it also tries to boot from the 
hard drive, crashes, and tries to boot again, an endless loop.  I tried 
puttin in the Solaris install CD, but it keeps booting from te hard drive.
Can anyone tell me how to get this box to stop trying to boot from the 
hard drive, and boor from the CD instead.  I will reload Solaris and the 
other software once I can, but I can't seem to figure out the magic 
incantation to "boot from CD".
Thanks for any assistance.
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