tdd software

Richard Barth Richard.Barth at
Thu Dec 23 10:12:06 CST 2004


Sorry, I don't know of any such software.  I'd have to wonder whether the 
hardware would permit it, since the tones used by a TDD are totally 
different from those used by a standard ASCII computer modem. 
Unfortunately I'm in no position to answer the question I've raised -- I 
don't own a Blackberry, have never used one, and don't  know if its 
internal modem tones are hardware or software generated using a DSP or 

I'm passing your question along to group of techie friends who may have 
more experience with the subject than I do.  If so, we should be hearing 
from one of them.


Dave wrote:

> Do you know of a source for software for a Blackberry device to aloow it 
> to be used as a TDD over a telephone connection?
> Dave Eichler
> Dave

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