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Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Thu Jan 6 08:21:16 CST 2005

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>>>>andre.kesteloot at 1/5/05 10:14:46 PM >>>
>An email like this will guarantee never to be read by any
>sensible person on the AMRAD list as it appears no
>different from SPAM.   If you have something you
>think people might be intrested in, you owe it to them
>in words that assures them that it is from you to tell them 
>what it is so that they have some clue before clicking on 
>something that looks like SPAM or a virus..
>Just thought you would like to hear what your very
>brief "look-at-this" emails look like on the receiving end.
>Dont get me wrong,  I love your little jems that you 
>find and share, but many of them I have to ignore
>because I cannot be convinced with certainty that
>they aren't some kind of spam..
Hello Bob,
Understood, Thanks for the feedback.
On the other hand, I just don't have the time to expand on each of my 
findings.  If  some (sensible) people want to believe it is spam, and 
not try the url itself, then so be it
Best regards
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