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Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Mon Jan 10 22:39:50 CST 2005

Alex Fraser wrote:

>    I quoted my original message below John Teller's quote and Bob 
> Bruninga's quote below that.  One thing for sure most of the issues in 
> the thread just wouldn't have made any sense in 1990.  Perhaps we 
> would have been chatting about BBS sites, if you remember them.
>    I too have enjoyed the links, there was no flame intended.  I think 
> however there are more choices than a "shotgun approach" and the 
> "Stale dead links approach".    There is an opportunity here. 


You are quite right, there are many way to skin this cat.

The very name "BBS" brings back all sorts of memories. AMRAD used to run 
two of them,  one dedicated to handicapped people, the other to ham 
radio stuff. I believe that the AMRAD BBS was either the first, or the 
second BBS in existence.

Whenever I find a site of interest (to me), I juts copy, paste it and 
send it to Tacos. (What I think you refer to as the "shotgun approach"). 
That approach is the easiest, as far as I am concerned. I just don't 
have the time to maintain a  web site page listing all these things.

Now if one of our readers wants to collect these sites and paste them on 
some BBS page, I would love  it   :-)


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