VHF contest Sat 22 Jan

Glenn Baumgartner gwbaumgartner at erols.com
Fri Jan 21 21:10:59 CST 2005

Any one out in TACO land tonight?  No response to the following yet.

Folks my pain/gain-0-meter is wavering a bit.   Seems like tomorrow may well
be a bust and I REALLY don't want to deal with a mast that is stuck in the
UP position or run the chance of damaging the seals which seem to be in
quite good shape at the moment.  What to you all think?   Seems the 
pain at some later date could easily override any possible gain tomorrow.  Comments?
Frank seems to me you may also want to just stay home even though you are much
closer to the shop than I am.  Glenn b.

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