VHF Sweepstakes from AMRAD Van

Frank Gentges fgentges at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 23 20:25:50 CST 2005

We had a very good weekend operating the VHF SS from the AMRAD Van.  
Iain, KI4HLV was the main operator and was really working the bands for 
contacts and points.  The rest of us to include Glenn, KA0ESA, Sandy, 
WB5MMB, Hal, WB3KDU, and Andre', K4ICK were working on the setup and 
improvements as we found shortcomings.

After trying a number of rigs Iain settled on the ICOM  IC706MkIIG and 
shortly thereafter, Sandy brought a second IC706MkIIG.  Iain dedicated 
the second one to 430 MHz while using the first for 6 and 2 meters.  
That seemed to work well as the coax cables all stayed the same during 

We need some improvements to the van that became evident from this 
weekend.  We had a discussion about these and will to make some of these 
changes with time.

I want to pursue some of our ideas for disaster recovery R&D at the same 

We also think we would like to take the van to Vienna WinterFest on 
March 13th.  We need to think of things we can do to show off the van there.

In summary, this weekend worked out well and it was a good way to 
exercise our van and find the weaknesses.

Frank K0BRA

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