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Excerpt from a paper by S. Okwit, Fellow, IEEE, in the IEEE Transactions 
on Microwave Theory and Techniques, Vol. MIT-32, No 9, Sept. 1984
Title: "An Historical View of the Evolution of Low-Noise Concepts and 

"A paper was presented for publication in the Journal of Chemical 
Physics in which the author wanted to introduce a
new term for angular frequency (?). Since there already existed the term 
Hertz (Hz) as a unit of measure for circular
frequency (f), he felt there should also be a unit for angular 
frequency  (radians per second). Consequently, he
adopted the term "Avis" (As ), representing Angular Velocity in Inverse 
Seconds. During the review processes of this
paper, much controversy developed (both lighthearted and serious) 
concerning the proliferation of standards, symbols,
and units, which involved editors, professors, and industry researchers. 
After many letters exchanged hands, it was
pointed out by several astute participants, that since 1 Hertz = 2* Pi 
Avis, Hertz was still first and Avis was second and
trying harder. Needless to say, the proposal was not adopted, being 
considered redundant and unnecessary."

André N4ICK

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