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Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Fri Jan 28 09:55:37 CST 2005

Suppose that:

a) your computer runs under NT or WinXP,
b) you would like to start a program on your PC from several yards away, 
(such as a data-acquisition program), you may now do so via the parallel 
printer port, in spite of the fact that Windows had tried to deny us 
direct access to the I/O ports.

Bernd März DG6RB has produced a very nice little freeware program named 
LPTKEY. EXE, available from:


This small .exe program, when installed, creates a C:\KEY directory 
containing a  PIN15.BAT file that can be edited as required.

Since I wanted to test the setup, but did not have a data acquisition 
program on that particular computer, I decided to run remotely the 
Acrobat reader on my Win XP machine, and prepared the following 
PIN15.BAT file:

    @echo off
    dir c:\key
    start AcroRd32.exe

(Doesn't that remind you of the good old DOS days ?)

Run the program by :
a) clicking on the LPTKEY icon on your screen.
b) shorting momentarily pin 15 to pin 25 of the parallel port. The .bat 
file will run and start whatever  .EXE file you have selected.

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