International Space Station flyover tonight

Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at
Fri Jan 28 12:09:03 CST 2005

Things are looking good for a visible flyover of the International Space Station later today over the McLean area:
Acquisition (AOS): 18:03 on a heading of 305 degrees (approx North West)
Max Elevation:       18:08 on a heading of 224 degrees (SW), at elevation of 51 degrees
Loss    (LOS)    :    18:13 on a heading of 140 degrees (approxSE) .
If the skies remain clear, this should be a highly visible pass. However, the temperature may make it uncomfortable to stay out too long...
The ISS Amateur Radio payload has been switched off while a recent spacewalk was in progress. Also, yesterday morning, I heard an astronaut chatting to a New Mexico school (NM5BB).
Regardless of whether the system is in packet, voice, or repeater mode, the ARISS downlink is always on 145.800 MHz (+/- doppler).
I'm currently decoding the packet information using a discone, 2m rx, AGWPE, and AGWMonitor running on a simple laptop. I sometimes disable AGWMonitor and enable UI-View, to get a map display of any APRS information relayed through the ISS digipeater.
Enjoy the Amateur Radio via International Space Station program.
Iain    KI4HLV

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