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Sat Jan 29 03:16:40 CST 2005

An excerp from:
DX LISTENING DIGEST 5-016, January 26, 2005      
edited by Glenn Hauser, http://www.worldofradio.com

** U S A. [Re WOR 1259:] I just heard that the longtime voice of WWV, 
Martin Edwards, has passed away. Can you confirm this? (Tom Kennedy, 
Louisville KY, to NIST, via DXLD)

Mr. Kennedy, Thanks for your email. I'm afraid we don't know anyone 
named Martin Edwards. The earliest "voice" of WWV we have information 
on is Don Elliot Heald, whose voice served as the pre-recorded 
announcer at WWV from at least the mid-1960s up to the early 1990s, 
when the old mechanical voice-storage system was replaced with new 
digital equipment. For a short time, a broadcaster from Atlanta named 
John Doyle's voice was used on the broadcast; the voice announcement 
was then re-recorded by a radio personality in the San Francisco area 
named Lee Rodgers. As far as we know, none of these men have passed 
away. However, NIST Radio Station WWVH in Kauai, Hawaii, has a similar 
broadcast using a female voice. The announcer, Jane Barbe, did pass 
away several years ago. Her recorded voice is still used on the WWVH 
broadcast. Sincerely, (Glenn Nelson, National Institute of Standards 
and Technology Radio Stations WWV/WWVB, via Kennedy, DXLD) 

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