DirecTV downconverter design

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Tue Feb 1 20:48:37 CST 2005

I upgraded my DirecTV setup at home to a dual block converter.  The 
block converter is the little feed device that hangs out in front of the 
dish and outputs a 1-2 GHz IF signal to the receiver in the house.

The old single block converter had done its job for several years and 
was retired.  I could not help opening it up to see what was inside.

It has a bunch of surface mount and strip line circuitry on a little 
gold plated PC board.  I recognize a voltage regulator, a quad op amp, a 
555 timer, some chokes, a bandpass filter and some unrecognized strip 
line patterns.

Does anyone have a block diagram or schematic diagram of this fine 
example of microwave technology?  Perhaps a magazine article was written.

I am just downright curious.

Frank K0BRA

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