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Of possible interest for an AMRAD Van operation.


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Hello VA Affiliated clubs,
   It is about a month away from the VA QSO Party.  I would like to encourage all of you to get your members involved in this fun event.  It would be even better if your club could look around your area and put a 'Ham Radio rare' county on the air.  There are 95 counties in VA and not all of them are represented in the contest.  The Rappahannock Valley ARC sponsors a plaque for the Multi-op/Sindle transmitter category.  We have also won that categtory the last two years partially by being the only station from the city of Fredericksburg.  I hope to hear all VA clubs on this year!!  And, I hope to work you from K4TS!!
John Humphrey W4IM
President RVARC
w4im at arrl.net

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