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Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Sat Feb 19 06:47:50 CST 2005

A reader who desires to remain anonymous, just sent me the following 
explanation as regards "the chip that can purify the sound of your CD 

> André, thanks but you did not tell us how it works, so I have included 
> a description:
> The signals in the CDs / DVDs are distorted in the course of pressing. 
> In fact, the codes have not been lost in the pressing. Instead, the 
> digital codes are misplaced. For example, one code should have been in 
> position A and it is not. Then the position is blank. This causes 
> distortion. The code has not been lost in the pressing. Instead, it 
> has been placed in position B. This signal then turns into the 
> background noise. The JS intelligent chip can make the protons of the 
> material that the CD/DVD is made of produce resonance, through which 
> the order of digital codes of the CD/DVD is resumed and the codes are 
> rearranged to their original places. So the upgraded CD/DVD can get 
> back all the things in the master disk. And the background noise will 
> disappear. The upgraded disk will perform just like the master disk.
> http://www.hktwo.com/jsmr/english/jpxl.htm

I, for one, am glad to be able to understand, finally, where the 
distortion on my CDs comes from...

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