new SDR

Alberto di Bene dibene at
Sat Feb 19 07:37:24 CST 2005

What makes me perplex are the 14 bits of resolution of the ADC. Surely 
the dynamic range
of that radio cannot be on a par with that offered by a good analog 
design (at least until
technology will make available fast ADCs with 20-bit amplitude resolution).

73  Alberto  I2PHD

Hal Feinstein wrote:

> There is a lot of excitment over some of the new software defined 
> radios because they have
> capabilities that are way in excess of what we could do with 
> conventional communications
> receivers. This one caught my eye and I'd be interested if anyone on 
> the tacos list had
> thoughts or expereince with it or anything like it.  The fact that you 
> can see the entire 0-30Mhz
> at one time is something I thought you needed a wall of equipment to 
> do.  Seems its now
> available for $1000.
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