Spam ? - Re: HIgh-tech electrical glitches in cars

John Teller jsteller at
Sun Feb 27 15:53:26 CST 2005

 My wonderful new gas stove with its capacitive touch control panel has a button labeled "lock" to keep little fingers from inadvertantly turning on the oven.  You push it, the stove beeps and the lock light comes on.  If you want to turn it off, you push and hold for a bit, the oven beeps and the light goes out.  However, the function does not work!  I can light the oven regardless of the status of the lock light.

Many of these glitches are software bugs because the developers skipped the all important regression test in their hurry to make schedule.  I know this from hard experience...

--- JST

---- Robert Bruninga <bruninga at> wrote: 
> As a modern Ludite, the problem is too many gizmos
> invented for no other purpose than to be a cute complex
> gizmo to do a simple thing.  Last weekend I had to 
> stand on my head in the freezing cold to find the
> fuse under the dash to pull out to make the !@$%^
> lights in my VAN go out!  
> I hate lights that think and locks that think.  They NEVER
> do what I want, just what some whiz kid programmer 
> thought that gramma would want.  ARGH!
> I hate gizmos...  (I love to design and build them, but
> I HATE to use them (built by someone else) because
> they NEVER do what I want...).  Yes fun, but not
> what I want to deal with on a daily basis.
> Bob, WB4APR

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