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> To remove the enamel from litz wire I use paint stripper called 
> nitromorse.
> Remove all the cotton/plastic insulation from the cable end to be 
> soldered to expose the multi strand enameled wires. Brush the end of 
> cable with a tooth brush to separate the strands and flatten out.
> Use the tooth brush to apply the paint stripper to the splayed out 
> cable strands, making sure it gets to all the strands. Leave for about 
> 10 minutes or more, then brush away the disolved enamel. I carry out 
> this process twice to ensure that all enamel has been removed. The 
> final job is to wash the exposed copper cable  end with turps etc 
> using a cloth, then start soldering. I strip back about 1 inch of the 
> cable end.
> I have used the above procedure a number of times and it works well. 
> Paint stripper and a tooth brush are readily available. This method is 
> also economical on solder, no need for special tools like solder pots 
> and bunsen burners.
> Any good paint stripper would do. My contents label says the stripper 
> contains 5 - 20 percent
> Methylene dichloride, it does not say what the rest is.

Many years ago in the U.S., we could buy small bottles of "Strip-X" made 
by GC Electronics.
It is no longer available on the market, but I recently found such a 
bottle, and the stuff   _does_   remove enamel like a charm.
The contents are:
- Methylene Chloride (75-09-2)
- Phenol  (108-95-2)
- Ammonia (7664-41-7)
Proportions are not listed.

The mixture exhibits the consistency of chocolate syrup.

André  N4ICK
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