Stripping Magnet Wire

Lawrence Stoskopf stoskopf at
Thu Mar 24 12:51:00 CST 2005

Those chemicals are all pretty liquid, bet there has been some "fine wine" 
brewing and you have a very good port stripping the enamel!! 

>> Many years ago in the U.S., we could buy small bottles of "Strip-X" made by GC
>> Electronics.
>> It is no longer available on the market, but I recently found such a bottle,
>> and the stuff   _does_   remove enamel like a charm.
>> The contents are:
>> - Methylene Chloride (75-09-2)
>> - Phenol  (108-95-2)
>> - Ammonia (7664-41-7)
>> Proportions are not listed.
>> The mixture exhibits the consistency of chocolate syrup.

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