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Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at
Sat Mar 26 15:27:13 CST 2005

Several people peered over my shoulder, loaned me tools, or generally inquired
what I was doing at Tacos today.

I inherited a giveaway    GE  model MPI/P5  2watt 2chan crystal-controlled UHF
commercial transceiver. Nobody knew the history of the unit, or whether it had
been pulled down to 70cm. (It was anonymously donated to the Vienna Wireless
Society Winterfest junk table).

On removing the TORX screws and opening the cover {Thanks Frank!  :-)  }, we
observed the two pairs of crystals and read off the marked freqs. { Thanks
Mike!  :-)   }

On returning home, I number-crunched the crystal frequencies and found that
the HT is currently on :

CH 1:    453.550 RX,    458.550 TX
CH 2:    453.725 RX,    458.725 TX

Around half an hour researching the WWW found the frequencies assigned to
various places all over the USA, but mainly NY, NJ, PA, VA and TX. 

The individual channels showed up assigned to Fire departments (PA), Sheriffs
(TX), Public Works (PA), Police (Philly, PA), Private Security (Leesburg VA),
Government (Fairfax City),  Sheriff (Fairfax County), and Miscellaneous
(Alexandria City). 

The only place where I found both freqs assigned to the same organisation was
Mercer County Fire Department, PA. In all other locations, the assignment was
for one or the other.

So.... now I know the capability of the device, I'll shelve it. 

Replacement battery cost is $24.75. Replacement crystal pairs are approx $42.
Drop-in charger also needed. I'll hold off making these purchases till a
specific need is identified. If however anyone has a use for it, just let me

Iain    KI4HLV

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