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Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at
Mon Mar 28 12:51:50 CST 2005

A buddy of mine is in Beijing, and has a brief opportunity to operate.
Anyone looking for BY1 ??
Iain    KI4HLV    &   G4JMM

Paul Lethbridge <g3sxe at> wrote:
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 04:47:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Paul Lethbridge <g3sxe at>
Subject: URGENT - G3SXE will be active from Beijing 
Hi everyone,
 Just to let you know that my trip to China is going very well and I got back to Beijing from Changchun this morning on the overnight train.
The good news is that I received my 'Amateur Radio Operator's certificate for visitors' from the the Chinese Radio Sports Association this afternoon.  They have kindly arranged for me to operate the ONLY working Club station here in Beijing tomorrow Tuesday 29th March between the hours of 0630 and 0900 GMT.  The location of the station is at No 8 Middle school.  I plan to major on 20 mtrs (14.220) but IF 15mtrs is open to Europe look for me on (21220).  I beleive the station has a 3 element beam for HF but the rest of the equipment is a complete unknown to me at present.  
This is the ONLY time I have at present but hope that another can be found before Pat and I fly back to Heathrow on Friday!!
IF any of the big guns could clear a frequency for me I would appreciate it as I am expecting a pile up from the JA's!!
I am looking forward to working as many Cray Valley members, G's and members of Zone 2 group as possible.
By the way the callsign I will being using is G3SXE/BY1BZH.  This has taken a bit of arranging !!!  So I do hope to hear and work as many of you as possible, bands and work schedules etc permitting.

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