More on A DVM for $ 2.99 ?

David A Aitcheson kb3efs at
Sat Apr 9 00:38:53 CDT 2005

Is that a print advertisement you are looking at?  Because the website at is
saying 4.99 for a price.

I can not get in on a group purchase as I am 500 miles north of the Taco
Command Central location. <GRIN>


Andre Kesteloot wrote:
> Gang,
> Those interested in the specifications of this $2.99 marvel may want to 
> look at:
> the add on their web site shows
> Actually is it currently available on sale for $2.99
> This is probably the kind of instrument every ham should have in the 
> trunk of his car  :-)
> Should we consider a group purchase ?
> I already have one AMRADer who wants three of those, if we make a group 
> purchase.
> Let me know soonest.
> If there is interest, I shall buy a certain number, and bring them to Tacos
> 73
> André

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