Heads up, parking problem at the Taco dealer

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Sat Apr 9 21:49:49 CDT 2005

Michael Chisena wrote:

> Hi all,
> Found out that some of the  parking spaces are now off limits to the 
> strip mall that the taco dealer is part of.
> It seems the people just to the east, got a little out of joint and 
> put up signs, saying they will tow cars of people who are not their 
> customers.
> As you know parking at the Tacos is poor at best.
> Perhaps it's time to find another taco dealer w/o snooty neighbors.
> Just an idea.
> Later guys
> Mike KA2ZEV

For those who are relatively new to the Saturday noon meetings, here are 
some possibly useful reminiscences.

The problem we have faced, over the years, to find a suitable meeting 
place, are numerous.

To mention but a few, we need a place:
a) that is relatively cheap,
b) that is easy to find for newcomers  (we always want more newcomers)
c) that accepts us as a  --somewhat noisy--  crowd that pays little but 
stays for a long time,
d) that accepts individual payment for our food (as opposed to a total 
bill that must be divided between eaters, always a recipe either for 
disaster, or for the last guy to go bankrupt)
e) that has long tables,
f) that is not invaded by noisy kids after soccer practice (e.g., Pizza Hut)
etc. etc.

Every time we have moved from one location to another, be it for 
Thursday evening meetings, or Saturday noon lunches, we have somehow 
lost members.

Now if someone could come up with a place that meets the above criteria, 
that would be something to consider.
Neighbors (Cedar Lane and Center Lane) where the QCWA meets might well 
meet all our criteria, but QCWA already meets there one Saturday per month.

Is there in the vicinity another "Greasy Spoon" that I don't know about ?

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