The $2.99 DVM saga

David A Aitcheson kb3efs at
Mon Apr 11 21:42:46 CDT 2005

Seeing as it is 1113273400 (or so) Unix time and the meeting is at
1113507000, that only leaves me (less than) 233600 which is not enough
time for me to make the trip (walk) to McLean.

Sorry :(


Andre Kesteloot wrote:
> Gang,
> Iain KI4HLV was able to procure enough of these $2.99 (plus tax and my 
> usual mark-up) marvels to accommodate all of your requests.
> Hence he will bring them to the AMRAD Meeting on Thursday 14 April  at 
> 1930H (that's 7:30 p.m. for you vacuum-tube types) at the McLean Public 
> Library
> 73
> André

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