Correction I received to posting about WWB announcer

Hal Feinstein hfeinstein at
Sat Apr 16 15:31:04 CDT 2005

FYI,,   I received this email regarding a post I did on WWV some time 
ago. See the URLs below for reference.

I apologize if the two recipients of this message are not associated 
with the website or the message found there.
I recently came across the following link referring to my late friend 
Martin Edwards:
I wonder if the rumor-mill substituted US Naval Observatory for WWV? I 
offer this explanation for the mystery, should you want to update your 
mailing list.
See under "Click here 
<> for some 

    Marty's voice--at its best--may be heard in calling
    202-762-1401...that's the US Naval Observatory Master Clock...


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