The $2.99 DVM saga: More

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Terry Fox would like one or two, but I am unable to attend the meeting or tacos, since I will be out of town for week.  If you have a couple left, could you save them for me.  I should be back to tacos the last Saturday in April.

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  I have a total of 18 DVMs. This is enough to fulfil all the pre-orders, plus a few more. I'll entertain requests by email for the unassigned units till they are gone, or just ask me on Thursday at the meeting, or Saturday at Tippys. 

  (Could someone bring a discreet transistor to the meeting on Thursday? I have no discreet components here to test the transistor tester part of the DVM. It displays approx hfe. A BC108 or 2N2369 (or one of Andre's OC45s) would be good enough to test it. Nothing fancy needed. Just need to know the E,B,C pinout. )

  In addition to the DVMs at Harbor Freight, I found that there is a 1.5watt 12volt solar panel, for $11.99. These are designed to sit on the dashboard of a car or truck, and trickle charges the battery (back-feeding through the cigarette lighter socket).  Ideal for vehicles which don't get started very often.

  Note that the Solar panels are marked $19.99 in the store, but when scanned at the register are $11.99. The display unit is immediately inside the door of the Woodbridge store on the right, and the stock is on a shelf behind the cashier on the other side of the entrance. The sale goes till April 25 only.

  There's also a 12v, 12AH jumpstart battery for $24.99. Not as cheap as some other basic battery suppliers, but it's a nice compact unit, and one of these now acts as my backup power supply at home for the Amateur Radio kit! I'll fit Anderson powerpoles later...


  Andre Kesteloot <andre.kesteloot at> wrote:

    Iain KI4HLV was able to procure enough of these $2.99 (plus tax and my usual mark-up) marvels to accommodate all of your requests. 
    Hence he will bring them to the AMRAD Meeting on Thursday 14 April  at 1930H (that's 7:30 p.m. for you vacuum-tube types) at the McLean Public Library


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