Do you want flies with that?

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Wed May 4 19:06:25 CDT 2005

 From a good friend who shall remain nameless.....

Frank K0BRA

Just when you thought $6/hr burger-jobs were safe...

I just left a meeting with the head of a small company here
in XXX that has closed a deal to supply Hardy's with
remote-access point-of-sale intercom systems that will allow
a remote operator (at corporate headquarters or Bangalore,
India... even Timbuktu) to handle your drive-thru order.

Using a DSL phone line, they get beeped as you pull up to
the menu board, greet you, take your order and send it to
the screen in your local Hardy's... all without you knowing
the difference... unless you ask them what the weather is :)

McDonalds has already signed up with another company to
do the same thing.

Yet another "manufacturing" job outsourced.

Thought I'd better alert you to keep your day job.


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