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These kids won't have time for morse code.

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Subject: 	[Rfmon] Extraordinary (non-wireless) event in Arlington - 
Friday evening May 20
Date: 	Sat, 14 May 2005 08:17:37 -0400
From: 	Gene Gaines <gene.gaines at gainesgroup.com>
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If you want entertainment and a high on what young people can
accomplish, Friday, May 20, Arlington VA, at Yorktown High
School. Their announcement for the event is below.

I'll be there.

These kids are great!!!

Vint Cerf paid a visit to this high school Linux Users Group a
year ago. They got inspired and took off into InterPlaNetary
space communications. Literally.

In just the last two years, Fairfax County and our area high
schools computer competence has come alive. Instead of sitting
through a mindless, endless course on how to use Microsoft Word,
or an "advanced" course with Microsoft idiot manuals on
"Installing Microsoft Server 2003 V12.a.22, kids are branching
out on their own.

My last conversation with a young man at Herndon High School ...
how he was going to set up a dual processor AMD machine at home,
one problem being how to squeeze it in with the six PCs he
already has in his bedroom. Knew his stuff? Sheesh!

Gene Gaines
gene.gaines at gainesgroup.com
Sterling, Virginia

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Young Hackers and Scholar's Libre Users Group -- the
artists formerly known as the Yorktown High School Linux
Users Group (YHSLUG) presents:

WHAT:  To Infinity and Beyond!
       Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN)
WHEN:  Friday, May 20th, 7:00 PM
WHERE: Yorktown High School, Room 1B
       5201 N. 28th St.
       Arlington, VA 22207-1727
WHO:   Anna Chan, Colin Applegate, and Daniel Caughran
URL:   http://yhslug.tux.org/

Last year, Dr. Vinton Cerf gave his InterPlaNetary Internet (IPN)
presentation to YHSLUG, and told the audience that the group developing
the IPN was experimenting with a Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) protocol.
Three Yorktown students decided to delve into the mysteries of the DTN
protocol. Their efforts won the top prize at the Regional Science and
Engineering Fair and they are heading off in early May to the Intel
International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Arizona. We will
get to hear about their project and their trip on May 20th.

The following day, (Saturday, May 21st) from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM
there will be a Linux InstallFest featuring the latest Ubuntu Linux.
If you know of anyone considering Linux, please spread the word.  And
if you'd like to come help out, and maybe get pizza, don't let me
stop you... ;-)

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