Hey BPL, try to compete with this!

Frank Gentges metavox at earthlink.net
Mon May 23 12:33:54 CDT 2005

The State of Texas has provided authority to the wireline companies of 
SBC and Verizon to compete with the cable companies for delivering 
television to the homes.

If they go ahead and do this, they will be providing some really serious 
digital bandwidth to the home.  I must assume that Internet connections 
can go along with this.

BPL will be left choking on their dust because they cannot get this kind 
of bandwidth on a power line.

I think the bandwidth log jam of the past few years may be breaking up. 
  The wireline companies are getting competition from wireless cell 
phones and cable Internet VOIP so they must become lean, mean, and 
aggressive to protect their investments and it looks like they are doing 
this in Texas.



for more detail on the legislation.

Frank K0BRA

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