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    These sites are oriented more towards the "ocotoloop" than the
    multi-turn loop you are using, but might provide some food for
    I have used them for the past eight years. At present I have a 10 foot
    "octoloop" and a 16 turn remotely tuned loop ( using varactors ) and
    switch back and forth. I find the "octoloop" to be trouble free here.

    The major advantage of the "octoloop" is that it tunes from approx
    10 kHz to 500 kHz
    allowing me to do lots of NDB work, and the 160-190 kHz and also the
    137 kHz
    band - without tuning  - and they work prefectly.
    I use the Burhans preamp and it is excellent - I have sent them
    across the
    country ( even to Steve  VE7SL )
    Copied Steve every night on our 137 kHz trials, and also the New
    Zealand station.

    If you're interested, I have a 7 foot octoloop, which has been
    gathering dust
    in the back shed for a year or so.... it has preamp and is ready to
    go. I can throw
    it on top of the car and deliver if you like. It's for free!
    My son is in Bayfield so it's also a good chance to visit - ! ! !

    Let me know


    Mitch  VE3OT  London

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