Frank Gentges fgentges at mindspring.com
Fri May 27 09:30:13 CDT 2005

We have been invited to come to the Manassas OVH hamfest, June 5th, with 
our van.  I have agreed to do this.  In addition, OVH has a nice BPL 
display and would like to add our BPL demonstration with the homeplug 

1.  I can deal with getting the van there and with help, to set up and 
demonstrate something, as yet to be determined.  Perhaps a wireless 
network from the top of the mast.

2.  I need someone to help set up the BPL demo and stuff.  We also have 
some posters on the subject.  Any volunteers to take the lead?

3.  I acquired a small R/C off road pickup truck at the Dayton 
Hamvention flea market.  This acquiring of vehicles is becoming a 
habit.  I plan to repaint it and letter it with AMRAD and other 
appropriate markings. The micro-truck  is running now and it can 
accompany the mother ship to our Manassas and field day deployments.  It 
needs some sort of payload added.

I'll bring the micro-truck to tacos tomorrow for everyone's inspection 
and a live demonstration.

Frank K0BRA

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